Homebound Veterans and COVID-19

Gov. Ron DeSantis has directed the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Division of Emergency Management to coordinate with the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs to identify veterans of World War II and the Korean War who are unable to travel to receive a vaccine. The Governor will continue to expand this program furthering greater accessibility to the vaccine for those who have fought hard to protect our great nation.

Enter your contact information below or call (850) 414-2717 for details. Florida honors your service.

Enrolled in VA Health Care

Veterans who currently receive care at VA, including homebound veterans, can learn more about COVID-19 vaccine availability at VA facilities in Florida:

Bay Pines VA Healthcare System (web site) or call 888-820-0230
James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital – Tampa (web site) or call 888-716-7787
Miami VA Healthcare System (web site) or call 305-575-7000
North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (web site) or call 352-548-6000 ext. 103755
Orlando VA Healthcare System (web site) or call 407-631-0499
West Palm Beach VA Medical Center (web site) or call 800-972-8262 ext. 5220

President Joe Biden recently signed the SAVE LIVES Act into law, expanding VA’s legal ‎authority to provide COVID-19 vaccines to all Veterans, regardless of their VA health ‎care enrollment status, as well as Veteran spouses, caregivers and some beneficiaries. ‎The expanded authority depends on readily available COVID-19 vaccine supply and ‎requires VA to continue to prioritize vaccinations and healthcare delivery for Veterans ‎enrolled in VA care. Contact your local VA Healthcare System for availability.‎

Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced new eligibility guidelines for COVID-19 ‎vaccinations in Florida. Beginning April 5, all individuals age 18 and older are eligible to ‎receive the vaccine.‎

The information you provide through this website will be shared with the Florida Department of Health and the Division of Emergency Management. State of Florida agencies may review an applicant’s status as a World War II or Korean War era veteran. The information you provide through this website is confidential and exempt from disclosure pursuant to Sections 119.071(5)(j) and 119.0712(1), Florida Statutes.

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