To contact a State Veterans’ Service Officer, call (727) 319-7440 and they’ll return your call within 24 hours. You may also contact them via e-mail at FDVA.VSO@FDVA.FL.GOV

FDVA “Virtual” Video Conference Option

What Are “Virtual” Video Conference Appointments?

Virtual video conference appointment is a major step forward on the FDVA’s part, in counselling veterans and their families on their claims or appeals. This method of expediting the claims process and counselling our veterans is designed to maximize available technology; enabling FDVA to meet Face to Face with our veterans during these extraordinary times of the COVID-Pandemic.

FDVA has launched a new “virtual” video conference option, providing Veterans with the flexibility and convenience of meeting with their Veteran Representatives from a personal computer or mobile device. The “virtual” video conference appointments are just like video hearings, the Veteran can participate from their cell phone, tablet, or computer. NO TRAVEL NEEDED!

Where Can Veterans Have A “Virtual” Video Conference Appointment?

Anywhere with a Wi-Fi or internet connection—it is entirely up to the Veteran! The “virtual” video conference appointment gives Veterans the choice of location for their “virtual” appointment. For example, the Veteran can be in their home with their VSO/representative in a separate location.  Veterans can also have those around them such as family members or caregivers assist them in this user-friendly process, whether it’s helping set up the iPad/computer, or supporting access to a cell phone

How Do Veterans Request A ‎“Virtual” Video Conference Appointment With FDVA?

Veterans will request a “virtual” video conference appointment the same way they would request other FDVA communications.

  2. Call FDVA at (727) 319-7408 (dedicated for “virtual” appointment requests)
What Happens Before The ‎“Virtual” Video Conference?
  1. At the time of scheduling, the Veteran will receive an email with the date, and time of the “virtual” video conference appointment as well as the link for accessing FDVA’s Go To Meeting™ platform.
  2. Internet/ Device Requirements:   It is recommended veterans use a personal computer or laptop with a secure WIFI or internet connection in a private setting (e.g. office, within a home). Veterans may use an Android or Apple Mobile Devices in a private setting, with a secure and reliable WIFI connection or cellular service. The preferred browser, and the one that works best, for both personal computers, laptops and Android devices is Google Chrome. If access to Google Chrome is not available, Internet Explorer is a comparable alternative browser.  All devices must have a camera and microphone for video/audio capabilities.  Android devices require no application as they launch automatically in a web browser after the session link is selected from the email invitation.

At the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, we advocate for Florida veterans and connect them to earned benefits and services. We’re here to honor those who served U.S.

Field Services Outreach
FDVA Service Officers regularly attend events throughout the state to help veterans with questions about their earned benefits and assistance.

Find out about the upcoming events that are going on from benefits presentations to town hall meetings across Florida and get your questions answered. Click here to view the latest schedule.

Free Benefits Counseling

The Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs has Service Officers co-located with the VA Regional Office in Bay Pines, each VA Medical Center and many VA Outpatient Clinics. Assistance with claims is free and covers all state and federal veterans’ programs. FDVA, through its Bureau of State Approving Agency, also evaluates and approves secondary and post-secondary education programs so Floridians can take advantage of federal veterans’ educational programs such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill. For more information, call (727) 319-7440.

County Veteran Service Offices

Information on current federal, state and local veterans’ programs, entitlements and referral services is also available in Florida through a network of County Veteran Service Offices. The counselors are trained and accredited annually by the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs. All services are provided free of charge. For a full list of offices, view the CVSO Phone Directory.

Florida Veterans’ Benefits Guide

The Florida Veterans’ Benefits Guide is an annual publication designed to bring you the latest information on federal and state benefits in a concise, easy to read format.  The guide, which is a primary tool in our arsenal to advocate for our state’s veterans, is produced by the Florida Veterans Foundation.

Click here to view the Florida Veterans’ Benefits Guide.

Governor’s Initiative on Lawyers Assisting Warriors (GI LAW)

GI Law logo

Gov. Ron DeSantis is committed to ensuring our servicemembers have the support of the state’s legal community and its best legal minds. Lawyers Assisting Warriors (GI LAW) will draw from the talent of Florida’s leading law firms to provide pro bono services for military members. For more information, visit the GI LAW webpage.